BBQ Meat (Daging Salai)

Ayam & Daging Salai

NCL together with MCFI has produced the first in the world HALAL Daging Salai (Ba Kua) or barbeque chicken slice with Sarawak Laksa Flavor. We have also produced a smoky tasting original Halal Daging Salai that is good as snack or easy to prepare sandwich for school or office lunches or as a frying for fried rice.  

Generally BBQ meat (Daging Salai) has done extremely well in the Chinese community in Malaysia, Singapore and also taken a hit in Hong Kong. However the regularly available delicacies has always been available with Pork Meat and hence not "Halal" certified and thus not available to the Muslim community.

Since the Muslim community is 16 million strong in Malaysia and we are focusing on "One! Malaysia" concept, we decided to embark on the journey with our partner MCFI to produce a "Halal" certified product. This is also a commercial consideration that there the Islamic community at large is also sizable especially in China, Indonesia and the Middle East.
The unique Mama Ria Meat is also that beside producing the standard flavors with Chicken or NON HALAL with Pork, we offer HALAL in Chicken in standard flavors as well as the first in the World with SARAWAK LAKSA flavor and upcoming more new flavors from the sauces produced by our associate MUSC. We will also be unique with our upcoming offerings with LAMB and BEEF similar to the Beef Jerky made famous in the western countries.
Our factory is scalable based on needs and order and currently is producing only 40kg per day since we are new player in the market.
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