Golden Delight

Our Golden Delight slice and juices are made from a Geographical Indication product which local Sarawakian call 'Terung Asam'.

Terung Asam Juice Dried Terung Asam
Fresh Terung Asam Fruit (Cut)
Terung Asam Cordial
Dried Slice Terung Asam

The fruit has a yellowish flesh with a distinct aroma and sourish taste. When fresh, it can replace tomatoes in dishes or is used to make a sour, spicy soup by adding salted fish, chillies and lemon grass. NCL is promoting internationally the dried fruit slices which looks like dried mangoes but with a softer texture and a more pleasant taste. The fruit has also been made into a cordial which is refreshing as a drink on hot days.

Terung Asam Flower


Terung Asam Plant
Terung asam is a plant that grows up to 100-250 cm with thorny branches. The leaves are broad and wavy family similar to the gourd plant.

It has white flowers and green fruits at the immature stage. The colour of matured fruit ranged from yellow, reddish yellow, purplish yellow and of different shapes depending on the varieties.

The sour taste gives its name, Terung Asam.
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