Dabai - Sold Fresh Frozen

What is Dabai

Common Name: Dabai (Olive)
Scientific Name: Canarium Odontophyllum Miq
Family: Burseraceae


Dabai is a popular indigenous fruit found naturally only in Sarawak and is grown by major communities in orchard plots'. The nutritious fruit has high antioxidant value, high C16, C18:1 and C18:2n6 Fatty Acid which reduces plasma LDL-C, TC and thiobarbiturate reactive substance as well as atheroscleotic plaques.
Dabai in Tree Dabai Tree

The fruit has high dietary fiber and antioxidant and has a cholesterol lower effect when consumed regularly. The kernel is high in Vitamin E and the peel and the pulp high concentration of carotenoids. The fruit has a real green advantage flesh when cooked has a pungent olive taste with avocado like texture.

Pitted Dabai

Our pitted dabai comes in two flavours - sweet and saltish sweet. The dried dabai retains its pungent taste but the texture is now similar to dried dates and slightly more chewy.

It is a healthy snack which can also be added to our bran/rice cracker and topped with yogurt/milk and raisins or dried cranberry for an excellent healthy and hearty breakfast for working adults or children going to school.
Dabai Nut

The kernel from the seeds of the fruit (nut) is available as snack food which can also be added to salads for a nice crunch and flavour.
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